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It's Tough Working Remotely

Remote workers know there are lots of challenges that go along with telecommuting.

Joel Gascoigne Joel Gascoigne Buffer

Sqwiggle is incredibly useful and has improved our team's workflow massively.

Work Together All Day

Sqwiggle keeps you passively connected to your team by updating a still image of each team member several times a minute so you can see their face and know they're available.

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Mike Knoop Mike Knoop Zapier

Sqwiggle is one of our core communication tools. We use it to have a constant presence with our team.

Build Great Culture

Whether it's noticing that crazy new haircut or seeing everyone laugh at a funny gif, Sqwiggle brings your team closer by creating a fun and engaging company culture.

David Chait Travefy

Sqwiggle removes the shackles from our desks so we can be more productive, allowing our staff to work from home when need be.

Instant Video Conversations

With the click of your mouse, connect instantly to your co-workers with brilliant high quality video. No calling, no accepting. Just frictionless communication.

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