What's happening at Sqwiggle

New WorkingOn Integration

Tom Moor New Features

WorkingOn provides your team with minimalistic status reporting so you can know exactly what everyone in your team is currently working on with ease.

With the new WorkingOn integration you can see that info in the status on Sqwiggle as well as being able to toggle whether your account is busy or available during a task. To do that, you just add "*busy" or "*available" to the end of your status update, and your availability is automatically changed for you in Sqwiggle! Check out the WorkingOn integration here.

Now in Glorious Color!

Tom Moor New Features

We’ve got a big update coming to Sqwiggle and we can’t wait for you to try it out - we’ll be rolling out these changes to all accounts over the next few days...

Real presence

Sqwiggle will now sense when you’ve stepped away from your computer and turn your snapshot black and white. This signals to the rest of your team that you are currently away from your desk and makes it easy to spot who’s around - they’re in color!

Chat in video conversations

When you need to share a quick link or snippet of text during a video conversation, it doesn’t make sense to put this in a chat stream where the whole team can see it. This can be really confusing! To solve this, we now include a chat with every video session, just click the new chat icon in the toolbar.

Sqwiggle video toolbar

New video interface

We’ve also been hard at work polishing up the in-call video interface. When a participant is muted, you’ll now see a small microphone icon to the bottom right of their video feed. We’ve also included a fancy new audio volume indicator so you can easily tell who has background noise.

Sqwiggle video calling

We hope you enjoy the changes!

Google Apps Sign In

Tom Moor New Features

We're excited to announce sign-in with Google today at Sqwiggle! Our team is always looking for ways to make getting started with the app as easy as possible and with Google Apps sign-in you no longer need to setup your name, company, email or even enter a password to create a Sqwiggle account. It couldn't be any simpler, just click on the Google button, accept permissions and you're good to go!

Already have an account with Sqwiggle and want to use Google Apps to sign-in? Simply click on the Google button and authenticate with the same email address that you created your Sqwiggle account with and the two will be linked automagically, yay!

Sharing images just got even easier

Tom Moor New Features

Sqwiggle has always done a great job of showing pictures and images directly in the chat stream, whether you like to click to upload or drag a file straight into the app from your desktop.

As of today we've made it even easier and you can now paste images right from your clipboard too. So if you copy an image from the web or graphics program, you can paste it right into the chat. This is especially handy for sharing screenshots — you don’t have to save the files any more (Use Command-Control-Shift-4 on a Mac to take and save a screenshot directly to the clipboard).

Have fun out there!

Look Who's Talking

Tom Moor New Features

Multi party video calls

We're doubling down on our video focus to make sure that Sqwiggle is the best application out there not only for quick one-on-one's with your team, but also for larger meetings and group calls.

Today we added support for 'active speaker' which means that the person talking will be automatically placed in focus when you are in a multi-party video call, we're really happy with how natural this feels and it helps the conversation to flow as it's always clear who has centre stage! As always, give it a try and let us know how you get on with this new feature.

Super Stream Sorting

Tom Moor New Features

Here at Sqwiggle we have a concept called "little big thursdays", this is when we take a break from the big projects and features that we're working on day-to-day to tackle the little things that grind our gears but just never quite receive priority in the product roadmap.

You never quite know what's going to get built, but this week it became the turn of stream sorting and with a flick of Luke's magic code wand (pretty sure that's how it works) it's now possible to drag and reorder streams in the Sqwiggle web and desktop apps! Make sure to give it a try:

Sqwiggle stream reordering

Savvy Panda, The Sqwiggle Photo Contest Winner!!

Tom Moor Coffee Shop

Our customers share some amazing photos of their teams having fun on Sqwiggle. We held a photo contest to see which photo would build excitement and get the most likes. We are proud to announce that Savvy Panda are our winners!

Savvy Panda

They win a free month of Sqwiggle and a Pizza party on us.

To see the other photo runner ups, or submit some of your own #OnlyOnSqwiggle moments, check out our Tumblr.

Sqwiggle for iPad

Tom Moor New Features

Today we're proud to announce one of the biggest product iterations to date here at Sqwiggle.

It's official, after many months of development the first version of our iPad app is live today and in the app store - you can download it here. Also check out a quick demo video of how it works with the web and desktop apps here:

Mentions get a power-up

Will New Features

Today we're excited to add new functionality to all chat streams in Sqwiggle! Mentioning @all will mention everyone in your organization, and @stream-name will mention everyone subscribed to that stream.

Have a specific ‘Technical’ or ‘Marketing’ chat stream? Now you can get the attention of everyone on that team at the same time. They’ll even get an email if they’re not online. Here’s a demo of the new functionality in action:

Sqwiggle team mentions

New Status Page

Tom Moor New Features

We've just pushed a new status page live today, so if you're having troubles accessing the Sqwiggle service at any time this is a great place to start to find out if we're up and running as expected! Hopefully it won't be required very often!

You can also click through on individual services to see a more detailed breakdown of availability and response times. For example statistics on the Sqwiggle API are here.

Sqwiggle Status Page

API Updates

Tom Moor New Features

At Sqwiggle we're always working on improving our API (we use it for all of our apps too!) but we don't always do a great job of communicating the upgrades to the outside world. Here are a few improvements we made in the last couple of weeks that should make it easier to hack on the Sqwiggle platform :)

  • Snapshot It is now possible to retrieve the last photo for any user on your team via the snapshot property on a user object, this one was much requested!

  • Snapshot Interval This new property shows the speed at which a users photo is updating (in seconds). 0 means that the team member is currently in manual mode.

  • Rooms > Streams We've consolidated the language across our app and API, the /rooms endpoints are now deprecated in favor of streams terminology.

As always, we can't wait to see what you build on the API and we're working on exposing even more functionality. If there is something you want to be able to build then just let us know and we'll do everything we can to help make it happen.

New Camera Modes

Tom Moor New Features

It's finally here! We've added the ability to have more control of your camera in Sqwiggle, including the ability to turn it off if you prefer.

You can now choose to update your snapshot manually or have the camera take auto shots like before every 1 or 5 minutes. We've had a ton of fun using this internally and think that this will bring even more creativity to the ways that you use Sqwiggle as well as add another layer of privacy control! Here's a shot from earlier in the week when we were perfecting Zoolander poses:

We've also refreshed the UI - you'll find the new camera controls in the new toolbar at the top right of the application.

Happy snapping!

Introducing the New Sqwiggle!

Tom Moor New Features

We just released a new version of Sqwiggle with some massive improvements, both to the interface and under the hood. These improvements lay the groundwork for things like screensharing, larger group calls, stream searching and more, which are just around the corner!

1. Multiple Chat Streams

Workrooms are a thing of the past! You can now be in multiple chat streams at once. This reduces the distraction of everyone chatting in the same place, allowing you to keep up with the topics that are most important to you.
create stream
You can also subscribe to a stream if you would like to receive notifications of new messages.
subscribe to stream

2. Connections

For large teams where it doesn't make sense to see everyone at all times, you now have more control over your video grid via connections. Once you connect with a teammate, you'll both be able to see each other and have 1-click video conversations!

3. Updated Design

We've made many tweaks to the UI to make it cleaner, prettier and easier to understand. These improvements lay the groundwork for some of our most requested features like screensharing, larger group calls, stream searching and more.

Johnny Chan is a Sqwiggler

Tom Moor New Hires

A huge welcome to Johnny who joins us from sunny San Francisco to double down on our iOS efforts! Johnny will be working on our (soon to be released) iOS app and leading our mobile development going forward.

Besides software engineering, he spends his time rock climbing, biking, muay thai-ing, pumping iron, and any other physical activity that his body allows him to do. He’s also on a mission to find the best, most delicious burger ever.

Express Yourself with the /gif Feature!

Tom Moor New Features

When you’re chatting with your coworkers, sometimes words aren’t enough! That’s what gifs are for. However, it can be time consuming to go out and find the right gif to add into the chat stream. Why not let your gif fate be decided at random?

With the /gif feature in Sqwiggle, you’ll never know what you’ll get. When you use /gif, we pull in a random gif from the internet that’s related to what you’re looking for.

For example, if you type in “/gif cat”, you could get the following gifs: Sqwiggle Gif

You could even try playing a game using the gifs. For example, one of our customers played “Guess the gif.” They asked coworkers to guess what keyword used to pull in the gif.

Most importantly, don’t forget to have fun with /gif! Enjoy!

Our OpenSSL Response

Tom Moor Security

You may have seen the news regarding a vulnerability in OpenSSL that was revealed in the last 48 hours. This issue may enable an attacker to read server memory and potentially gain access to private keys and other information.

At Sqwiggle we take security of your data very seriously and have taken all of the required measures to ensure that our servers are no longer vulnerable to the heartbleed issue including revoking our previous SSL certificates.

Whilst we have no reason to believe that any sensitive information was compromised, like other service providers we’d like to take this opportunity to encourage users to cycle their passwords. You can change and update your Sqwiggle password here, and you can also find out more about the issue.

Will Barrett is a Sqwiggler

Tom Moor New Hires

We're proud to have Will come onboard this week as the latest engineering team member, taking us to a grand total of eight! Will is going to be leading front end development and getting stuck into JavaScript.

When not neck-deep in code Will is a classically trained cellist, having performed in the Lincoln Center as part of an orchestra. He grew up in Maine, was a Boy Scout and is married to the wonderful Karen Chan Barrett of Boston. Oh, and he loves cooking and long walks on the beach.

Why not follow Will on Twitter?!

Official Node.js Library

Tom Moor New Features


We're always looking at how we can make the new Sqwiggle API easier to use and access, as part of that today we're releasing an official Node.js client that allows you to easily access and manipulate your companies data, start conversations, update your user and much more.

Of course, it's open source on GitHub with great documentation and published on NPM.

If you build anything interesting be sure to let us know, we'd love to see what you come up with!

New Privacy Feature

Eric Bieller New Features

With “always on” cameras, finding that social balance is incredibly important and over the past year or so, we’ve realized that the user should own their own experience within Sqwiggle. It’s key to truly non-intrusive, useful group collaboration.

Well, I’m happy to announce that we’ve listened to your overwhelming response and as of today, have released the new Sqwiggle privacy feature to everyone! It can be found in the video toolbar to the right of your screen.

Have fun Sqwiggling while eating or picking your nose! :-)


A New Mac Release

Tom Moor New Features

Normally we don't announce Mac releases but this one is a little different for a couple of reasons. First we've included a lot of bug fixes and new updates in one release, we've jumped a version number and unfortunately OSX Mavericks broke our auto-updating feature which means that it's a manual download.

Make sure to download the latest version to enjoy all the fantastic new features and bugfixes!

100,000 Conversations

Tom Moor Coffee Shop


At the beginning of this week we rocked over the 100,000 conversation milestone! As we've noted before Sqwiggle enables short burst discussions to happen that don't belong in a "call" or might take hours over traditional text chat. That's 100,000 conversations enabled by Sqwiggle and a whole lot of communication!

We wrote the first lines of code for Sqwiggle just over a year ago in February 2013. It's exciting to look back over how far we've come in this time and to think of all the people that have been affected by the ability to stay in closer contact than ever and work from anywhere. I can only wonder what fascinating discussions and incredible ideas might have been dreamed up over Sqwiggle in the last year and the next 10...

Thanks to everyone that has supported us so far and onwards to 1 million!

New Team Management

Tom Moor New Features

Today we've added new functionality to manage your team in the account area without having to launch the Sqwiggle app. From the team page you can remove users and manage permissions for those already onboard.

Sqwiggle team management

We'll also be adding the ability to create and manage invites from here too in the near future!

Announcing the Sqwiggle API

Tom Moor New Features

Since we launched Sqwiggle we've had many requests to integrate with other services and provide a way to get data in and out of the platform! We couldn't agree more and spent a lot of time thinking about everything that you might want to do with an API. We worked from first principles and put together an easy to use, modern, RESTful, JSON API and libraries to make it as easy to use as possible.

We're excited to release it today and look forward to seeing the interesting hacks that are built on it! In fact, in addition to the new API several partners have already been integrated and we're working hard on getting many more on board in the coming months!

If there's an app you would like to see partner with Sqwiggle please do let us know!

Sqwiggle is Now Free for Teams of 3 or Less!

Eric Bieller New Features

We've made lots of product decisions along the way that have shaped the Sqwiggle experience up to this point and one part of that is our goal to make Sqwiggle your go to tool for telecommuting collaboration. Part of that strategy involves new startups or any small team that really needs to communicate efficiently regardless of distance.

We're excited to announce that Sqwiggle is now free for teams of 3 or less! This is our way of giving back to the community and really getting involved in the day-to-day innovation that's happening around the world! We see the pay-wall as a barrier that actually stifles this innovation, so we got rid of it!

Here’s how people are responding so far to the great news:

If you have any feedback to this announcement or just wanna chat with us, feel free to contact us at any time!